I worked on a lot of code cleanup this past week as well as a couple new features.

The first thing I tackled was the text box popup. It just closed when you used your sword and also still swung the sword. I needed it to speed up the text the first time and close the box if the text had run it’s course, all without swinging the sword. Simple to do, I just never finished it when implementing the text box.

As you can see above I adjusted the lighting engine a bit to make it more subtle and not so dark.  I may even take it a little further and go a bit lighter, but I’m in a good place with the lighting right now I think. I want the lighting to be there and just slightly add to the polish and ambience of the dungeon. No need for any gimmicks like the lantern from last week. I removed it unless it seems it can actually serve some purpose.

I worked a bit on the underlying systems to support power ups, which still isn’t quite finished. After doing so however, I coded in a simple triple shot power-up to make sure it was all working as it should. You get 3 arrows at once, but your fire-rate goes down a bit. I’m sure this will need tweaked a bit later.


I also added the player state change when picking up an item. I was back and forth on the best way to handle this but I think it’s good to go now. I change the location of the item to above the player while changing the state of the player to pickup. This pauses the game, and stops movement and input from the player for 2 seconds. Until we can get a proper pickup animation, I just have our hero spin around.

The last thing I worked on was giving the boss a health bar. Since they will have so much more health than anything else, it seemed like a good idea to give the player an idea of how close they are to killing him.