This week I spent a little time coding out how a credits screen should work. I figure I’ll keep track of credits on the screen rather than a bunch of notes made everywhere, and then they’ll be┬áready to go.
I spent a lot of time over complicating this when thinking about how I wanted to do it, but in the end the simplest way is the one that makes sense. I’m simply scrolling an image up the screen until it hits a certain point, and then it stops. I also overlaid either a “B” button if a controller is plugged in, or the escape key otherwise, as this will leave the credits and get back to the main menu.

Beyond that, we got most of the main hero in place. The walking and idle animations are in, and I’m just waiting on the bow and sword animations. It’s all really starting to come together.

I also received the level music, and boss theme from our composer. Both are fantastic tracks that really fit the style of the game well.

I cleaned up a lot of code earlier in the week to get ready for a couple people to test and provide some early feedback, which is why I didn’t get much done in the way of new ideas or concepts. I did start laying out how I want to do this whole powerup system, though I can’t say I’m not dreading it all.