I wanted to add chests so that items aren’t just out in the open. I don’t want the player to know what item they’ll get if they bomb that block. Let’s make it interesting. ¬†Creating a working chest is no big deal. Deciding out to give out the item was a little more time consuming that I’d thought at first. Do you have the item raise up out of the chest and automatically give it to the player? Remove the chest and drop the item in it’s place? Neither of those were really what I wanted.

I decided upon having the item get thrown out of the chest in a random direction.

Once I had the code down from that I added a bit of gravity to the regular drops, like the ones out of broken pots also. It’s crazy how little details like that add so much to the game, and no one will think twice about it while playing.

Speaking of little details, the blocks that can be blown up with a bomb on the levels have always just disappeared once you blow them up. I added an effect similar to the pots breaking and now little broken pieces spawn on the spot. I think I need to have it spawn more since the size of the block is pretty large, blowing it up should produce more than it currently does, but I am happy with it currently.

I have up until now had the map spawning as the only item in the item room on the map. This won’t do. I want that room to have items that could help the player, but at the same time I always want the player to be able to find a map for their current level. I needed to make a map room. It took a bit of switching up some code but I got it in, and now a separate map room will spawn on each level. I got it in with a proper sprite on the mini map.

And for the part I’m most excited for, we are making some progress on our hero! Our¬†amazing graphic artist has been working on the animations of our hero. We’re not quite ready to get him in game, but it shouldn’t be long. I need to come up with a name!