It’s been a fairly busy week.

I started working on a new “Knight” enemy. He will randomly move around the room until you exist on the same plane as him, at which time he will charge at you. I am going to have to limit the Knight to exist with no other than one or MAYBE 2 other on the same screen. It’s too overwhelming to have more. If I placed him in the rotation of random enemy placement, It wouldn’t be fair to get a screen full of these guys, so I’ll leave it like this for now. I’m on the fence as to whether or not he should drop a heart when he dies as well with the extra difficulty.


I started and mostly completed the code behind the mini map as well this week.
The map only draws out rooms directly next to you and reveals them as you move throughout the level.

With the mini map being semi-complete it also allows me to create a mini map object to spawn within the level that can reveal the whole map once picked up.

I also took this time to build out some text box code so that I can notify on screen of an event, or perhaps even for dialog between our hero and enemies. I want to go back and fix it up a bit more down the road, but it will suffice for now.

I need to start working on more tiles such as water, pits, spikes, etc so that I can vary the room layouts a lot more. You can only lay braziers and blocks so many different ways.

Last, but certainly not least I’ve started working with a fantastic pixel artist to update the graphics in game and remove the placeholder artwork. Most of the level artwork is done, with a character to come. I’ll more to show and additional details once we complete more art and I have all the details worked out with them.