About a month and a half ago I started working on a new game.
After being away from anything game development related for so long I figured it’d be something to try to achieve in 2017.
I’d like to take it to Steam and then hopefully iOS and Android. It may prove to not control well enough on mobile, but we’ll see where we end up.

I wanted to jump back in with something easy enough to finish and not get discouraged, that would also hold my interest. The hardest thing to do with any project is complete it, especially a game. The visitors of this site already like Zelda and I’ve grown to quite enjoy Rogue-Likes the past few years. I decided upon a Zelda-Style Rogue-Like, tentatively named Dungeon Disaster.

I need to formally write down my plan and what I’d like to add and complete. I’ve just been randomly working on whatever I feel like and that isn’t a great way to continue. I figured blogging about it here would help keep me motivated a bit and potentially solicit ideas. I’ve been using a combination of A Link To The Past graphics and custom stuff to move along coding. I need to square away some sort of pixel artist soon though as I want the Zelda stuff out as soon as possible.

The dungeons are randomly generated with shops, an item room, the boss room, and the stairway room right now. All enemies on the screen need to be killed before continuing. You can use a melee attack, or a ranged weapon. You currently start with both but I think I will change that to only starting with a weak sword and the rest can be obtained from the shop rooms. Once you beat the boss, you gain a heart piece and move on to the next level.

There will be a story mode, with around 10 bosses and a story line to complete, as well as an endless mode that will get progressively harder and have a leader board.

I’ll try to update at least once a week on my progress and where I’m at or working on.

Edit: Added a gif of some gameplay below: